Founded in 2015, World Cycle Investment is a privately-owned investment consulting firm located in Montreal, Canada. WCI has no affiliations with any broker/dealer or outside entities; making us fully objective and uninfluenced by outside interests. The World Cycle Investments team is comprised of qualified and independent-thinking investment professionals who are fully committed to their clients.

Mr Renato Di Pardo is a global investment strategist and the founder of World Cycle Investments. He specialize in a unique approach to research – combining technical, fundamental and behavioral factors and covering global stock markets, government bonds, currencies and commodities.

WCI goals and values distinguish us from other investment consulting firms. We focus on providing customized investment solutions to our clients. Our investment philosophy is focused on earning the highest possible returns within the confines of an acceptable level of risk. Portfolios should be allocated to asset classes with high long-term returns, such as equities and alternative investments, while seeking balance through allocations to lower returning/less volatile asset classes, such as fixed income. For portfolios with high long-term return objectives, allocation to low return classes will be relatively modest and depend on the portfolio’s liquidity needs and risk tolerance. Portfolios are well-diversified to allow for the achievement of strong returns during a wide variety of economic and market conditions.